And we’re back!! Watch the Season 3 Trailer!

Hi everyone!!

I’m so thrilled to announce that Dining at Tiffany’s is back on YouTube for Season 3 (woooo!!!). This season is called “Get Your (Cooking) Rhythm Back!” Together, we’ll explore simple, delicious recipes — most of which use less than 10 ingredients and require very little prep. This season is catered to you if you’re learning how to cook for the first time or if you’re trying to get back into the rhythm of cooking at home.

I’ll also be sharing stories about where I’ve been and what I’ve gone through during the last two and a half years since I last released a video (December 2014). I hope my message can inspire you to get your own rhythm back, whether you’re trying to get through a tough time, overcome a transition, or move forward with an idea you’ve been thinking about for years.

Speaking of which, I came up with the vision for this trailer years ago. It’s inspired by Anna Kendrick’s mashup mastery in Pitch Perfect, but with my own culinary twist — all the drum beats were made by recording sounds from the kitchen! So I hope you enjoy this trailer and the rest of Season 3.

When we think about taking things for granted, we often think in terms of how we do this to other people or the things in our lives. But sometimes we don’t realize that we take ourselves for granted. This song in this trailer reflects our inner voice singing to us, encouraging us to not give up. 

Click this photo to watch the trailer!:image1.jpg

Episode one will be released on Thursday, June 1st! I’ll see you on YouTube! ❤

With love,




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