Dining in Nicaragua?!

Hi there!! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written in here, and there’s plenty of reasons. Aside from the fact that I cook a lot less than I’d care to admit, I’ve had a lot going on!

For the last few months I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with work, volunteer commitments, and writing pieces. If you’ve ever worked in education, social justice, or creative endeavors, you’re likely familiar with the uneasy feeling that there’s always something more than can and should be done, that you can always do better, and that the work is never complete. I really started to doubt myself in many ways.

Thankfully, I’ve been encouraged by friends and family to keep moving forward while focusing on the positive. What keeps me going is remembering that it starts with one — one word, one moment, one life. If I can impact just one person’s life in a positive way, then I am confident that I’m working toward my purpose.

With that, I wanted to announce on here that I’M GOING BACK TO NICARAGUA! I’m going with my some fellow UCSD alums, along with a friend that I met at a conference a few years ago. We’ll be working in a community where I volunteered last year to build classrooms and start an after school program for a rural school. Through this trip I seek to continue helping communities in Nicaragua while inspiring my own community to live life in service to others.

You can learn more about my project here: http://bit.ly/tiffnicaragua2013

More updates soon!

With love,
Tiffany R.
Dining at Tiffany’s