Grad School = Time Management Bootcamp

Hi! It’s been a while! Since my last post, I finished my year of AmeriCorps service, visited my family in Washington, and moved from San Diego to Long Beach. Whew! I just started graduate school at Cal State Long Beach last month, studying Counseling in Higher Education. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy! It’s basically like finals week, all the time. Not to mention, I still volunteer every weekend at my church.. in San Diego!

Needless to say, I had to upgrade my time management skills, FAST! After an admittedly tiring adjustment period (and gallons of coffee), I’ve learned some very helpful time management skills that I’d like to share with you all!

1. “Two-fers” 
At my first year retreat, we discussed tips for balancing our multiple priorities, like family, school, relationships, work, and wellness. My favorite one is called “two-fers,” in which you attend to  multiple priorities at once!

For example, this past week, I had my first big test and paper for school. The weekend beforehand, I was in charge of coordinating/hosting one of my church student’s 18th birthday party. Here are some of the “two-fers”that got me through it:

– While commuting to school on the bus and walking in between classes/work, I sent text messages and made phone calls to coordinate all the party details. I delegated (see below!) everything I possibly could.
– While directing a practice for one of the party performances, I wrote a draft of my paper.
– Instead of studying alone, I called up a friend that I wanted to catch up with that also needed to study for grad school (hi, Nancy!).

2. Living Vicariously
Another thing I realized is that with bigger goals, come greater sacrifices. Not only have I been further away, I’ve been simply too swamped to attend every event I’d like to. As a consolation, I tell others to attend and ask them how it went!

There are a couple events coming up this weekend in San Diego that I’d LOVE to attend, but I’ll be out of town. It’ll make me feel a lot better if SOMEONE goes, though! I updated my “Fun, Free, and Frugal in SoCal Calendar” for events this weekend, so you should check them out!

Celebrating Life Through Art 

If you go to anything this weekend in San Diego, this is it! This event is near and dear to my home community, inspired by the life of my high school classmate who passed away. It’s a free public art show (free refreshments, too!) hosted by my dedicated high school classmates and featuring my talented friends from elementary school. This year proceeds will go to the Outreach at Monarch program, the San Diego Museum of Art’s after-school art instruction for homeless and at-risk children. For more information, or to donate, click here:

You can also check out the Adam’s Avenue Street Fair and the (1st ever) San Diego Asian Night Market! 

3. Delegation!
Last, but absolutely not least, delegate! For crying out loud, please delegate. I could do a whole workshop on the benefits of delegation. Oh wait, I did!

I presented this to an undergraduate student leadership team earlier this year as their alumni guest speaker. An attendee asked to see an outline for her upcoming workshop, so I thought, why not share it with the world? (Two-fer!). Though I wrote this for undergraduate student leaders, I firmly believe these tips will apply to your work as well.

I hope you find these tips helpful (and that you get to sleep more than me). See you next time.

With love,

Tiffany R. 

Dining at Tiffany’s