Michelle Phan: Recipe for a Comeback

Okay, who else has been following beauty guru Michelle Phan for almost ten years? Join the club! I was really surprised last week when a video popped up on YouTube by her called “Why I Left.” Honestly, I didn’t even realize she had left, but I always like to see what she’s up to since she’s super successful so I checked it out.

It turns out that Michelle Phan left YouTube for almost a year and made a big comeback to YouTube recently. Her story is really inspiring; I learned a lot about her that I didn’t realize:

  • Her family struggled throughout her childhood, so one of her main motivations to succeed on YouTube was to support her family. She actually helped her mom (formerly a salon beautician) retire early and boasts over 8.9 million subscribers on YouTube!
  • She left YouTube for the same reason that I did: depression.
  • She struggles with insecurities too, even about her looks. After her year off, she now has a new mantra: “Don’t just look beautiful. Feel beautiful.”

So, as a little tribute to her, I tried out some of her old school, DIY facial masks made out of food and made a video featuring a recipe using the leftover ingredients. I also talk more about her comeback story; Michelle Phan is a great example of this season’s theme — Get Your (Cooking) Rhythm Back.

click photo to watch video!:


Speaking of getting back in touch with yourself, I actually featured this recipe on my blog a LONG time ago (a few years after transitioning from Xanga, haha). Did you know? Dining at Tiffany’s was formerly known as “Tidbits at Tiffany’s!”

You can find the recipe for the dish I made in the video here: Tomato Egg Sauté.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions! I’m always here to listen if you are going to something and need someone to talk to. I’m here for you!


With love,

Tiffany R.


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