Virtual Birthday Party at Tiffany’s!!

Hello, internets!

As some of you may know, it’s my 24th birthday today (9/8)! I wish I had a venue big enough to celebrate with all my friends and family, and a jet plane to visit my friends and family around the country and world, but I can only dream for now! 

So, I decided to host an online birthday party, in conjunction with a launch of my revamped project – Dining at Tiffany’s!

Dining at Tiffany’s ( started as a food blog, but as I continue writing, I realize that I want to write about more than just food. In the last 24 years, I’ve been blessed to discover so much about making life more fun, fulfilling, and well.. filling! From cover letter guides to promoting different social causes and sharing fun party ideas, I have a lot that I’d love to share through Dining at Tiffany’s!

So as a reader of my website, you are cordially invited to celebrate with me this week! Like many great venues, there are THREE LEVELS! 😀

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[LEVEL 1] Like me! (Follow me,too!)
 *Like* Dining at Tiffany’s on Facebook!

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[LEVEL 2]  Join the online party!

Attend by sharing a post on the Dining at Tiffany’s Facebook page ( using the prompts below. Each header is one of the themes of  Dining at Tiffany’s!

You can also attend on Twitter by including the #DiningAtTiffs hashtag and doing an @DiningAtTiffs mention!

Instagram is Insta-FUN too! Post a photo based on one of the themes below, add the hashtag #DiningAtTiffs  and tag me – @DiningAtTiffs!

If you’re not on social media, you can simply join by leaving a comment below!

The most creative posts will get a feature on my website! Photos, videos, and links are encouraged!  Incorporating all four will get you bonus points! 😉

{ Meal Matters }
What food would you want me to prepare, teach you to cook, or try out? What food does your family and friends usually prepare at special gatherings?

{ Dinner Conversation } Tell me something good you do for others,  whether it be through volunteering, working, or your everyday life! Include links to organization pages, your blog/website, articles, and more!

{ Hostess with the Mostess }
What is your dream job? Do you need help with your resume/cover letter/job hunt? What career/leadership tips would you like to share with others?

{Festive Fun}
What is your favorite aspect of celebration events? The food? Venue? Decor? Where do you go for design inspiration? What are some fun, inexpensive gift ideas?

Just like a real party, I encourage you all to mingle! *Like* each other(‘s posts)! Start discussions! Make connections!

But please use proper party etiquette — the hostess will not tolerate heated political debates, foul language, family-unfriendly topics, or negative drama & may remove you(r post) at her discretion. In short, be nice to each other! I always strive to make Dining at Tiffany’s a happy experience! 🙂 
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[LEVEL 3] Spread the word!
Add to your RSS feed and invite your friends to the party!
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Oh, and of course I made a party playlist!
Dining at Tiffany’s Birthday Party Playlist!

The party will be a week-long celebration, until my next post! With this revamp, my goal is to post on my website at least once a week! Hope to see you all there!

With love,
Dining at Tiffany’s