Day 8 – $20.12: Drinks for Sipping

Holidays are great because seasonal drinks add even more cozy feelings to the mix! This year, give someone a cup of cheer!

On the 8th day of Christmas, Tiffany gave to me:

8 Drinks for Sipping!
7 snacks for hiking
6 games for playing
5 wooden things
4 cards with words
3 simple words
2 penguin gloves
& a cutie from a citrus tree!

Buy a cute mug (I recommend World Market, where this Dalmatian mug was bought) and add a baggy of drink mix!

Try to make it as personal as possible to be thoughtful! Favorite animals, colors, and prints are great! I try to stay away from holiday-themed because I like giving gifts that can appropriately be used all year. Here are some ideas:

1. Tea/honey: Add a few packets of tea and some honey to the mug for a calming, warming treat. My daily tea is Rose Green Tea by TenRen. They sell this at Tea Station cafes and at TenRen stores (I only know of a TenRen in the Bay Area). I love buying this because it’s $4, even less than a single cup of milk tea at (in my opinion: overpriced) Tea Station.

You can even add a mini honey bear or honey sticks. You can get these at any farmers market with a local honey vendor, like Brian’s Farmers Markets!

2. Hot cocoa add a candy cane: Just empty a hot cocoa packet into a little baggie (get it from Michaels, or Do It With Icing if you’re in SD) or make your own following the instructions on the side of any tin of cocoa powder! Note: I DON’T buy Hershey’s chocolate because of their inhumane farming practices, so my favorite, affordable cocoa powder is from Trader Joe’s. Speaking of which..

3. Chai Tea Latte: You can do the same with this Chai Tea Latte mix from Trader Joe’s. I absolutely love this stuff, and they have since added seasonal flavors! I bought this back in autumn, and I noticed this week that they had Sea Salt Caramel Chai. Yum!!

4. Instant coffee: The other day, I NEEDED coffee, but didn’t want to break the bank. I found these little packets at Trader Joe’s. They’re pretty good. Not the best, but it does the job! Pop a few of these in a mug for friends that could always use a coffee fix. Just add hot water! Easy!

5. DIY Spiced Apple Cider Kits: Try Something like this! 

6. Bottled Apple Cider: This won’t fit in a mug, but it’s always a crowd-pleaser for all ages. FUNNY story, my boyfriend decided to drink this straight from the bottle on our late-night car ride to visit my parents. Of course, there was a DUI checkpoint. He had to frantically tell the police officer from the passenger seat, “It’s only Martinelli’s apple cider, I promise!”

7. Dessert Wine: For those of age, you can’t go wrong with a Moscato. A very affordable and very delicious brand is Barefoot or Yellowtail!

8. Drink Voucher: See Day 4, and invite a friend for a drink somewhere special!


With love & Christmas Cheer,
Tiffany R.
Dining at Tiffany’s


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