Day 7 – $20.12: Snacks for Hiking

Welcome to “Day 7” (Like you, I have been extremely busy this pre-Christmas weekend, so I’ll save the stories and keep the rest of the series in relatively short, list form!)!

On the 7th Day of Christmas, Tiffany gave to me:

7 Snacks for Hiking
6 games for playing
5 wooden things
4 cards with words
3 simple words
2 penguin gloves
& a cutie from a citrus tree!

These days, a trend I’ve loved to see growing is adventure outings, like hiking, camping, and for those that can afford it — travelling!

For example, look what I did once:

If you know someone that loves (or should try) adventuring, these gifts are quick and relatively inexpensive!

1. Trail Mix: This can be a bit expensive, and I can rarely find one that perfectly fits my preference, so why not make your own? Grocery stores are a bit less crowded than the mall and are surprisingly good places to find gifts! Save money by making your own: find bulk bins (like at Sprouts or Whole Foods) and get a bunch of different nuts, dried fruit, and more. Put them in little boxes or cellophane bags for cute gifts. To save even more money, you can just do one-serving packages to invite a friend on a hike!

2. Loaded Granola Bars: Give someone a package of yummy granola bars for their hikes and travels! Sometimes I even have these for breakfast. I enjoy Luna Bars (especially lemon and white macademia), and when on hikes, I like Moutain Mojo by Clif (disclaimer: I’ve only enjoyed these at high altitudes, but some reason they don’t taste as good as an everyday snack!)

3. Reindeer Chow: Okay this one isn’t that healthy, but it’s super cute for the holidays. Perhaps it can be snacks for holiday outings or long drives!

Check out the recipe from my good family friend at Art of Dessert!

4. Reusable Water Bottle: Okay, EVERYONE needs one of these. Save the environment, have convenient water, etc. If you know someone who doesn’t own one, GET IT FOR THEM. And perhaps even some of #6 to along with it…

5. Propel Hydrating Packets: These could really save people from the terrible side effects of dehydration!

Just add a packet to your water bottle and get extra electrolytes to balance out dehydration from heat and exertion. In the following case, both! 

Earlier this year, I served as an advisor for a volunteer trip to Nicaragua in which we worked at a rural elementary school. The student volunteer above was so awesome and always gave 110% toward volunteering and spending time with the kids. However, it was over 90 degrees everyday and he didn’t use the Propel packets I gave him and so he got very dehydrated. He ended up getting pretty sick and had to sit out on some days. Don’t let this be you on your next outdoor or travelling adventure. Propel packets make a great gift, or even just a sensible supply to have on hand!

6. Hand Sanitizer /Portable Soap: Okay I know these aren’t snacks, but you can never have enough. Pier 1 currently has a really awesome, inexpensive gift section full of useful items!

I bought these (along with other items) for a family as they are leaving for a vacation to Vietnam for 2 weeks!

7. Adventure Invitations: See Day 4, and perhaps turn this into an invitation for an adventure. Create your own voucher or card and get creative using pictures of scenery you hope to visit!

Happy adventuring!!

With love,
Dining at Tiffany’s

PS: I got to Day 8:

8 Drinks for Sipping!
7 snacks for hiking
6 games for playing
5 wooden things
4 cards with words
3 simple words
2 penguin gloves
& a cutie from a citrus tree!


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