Day 5 – $20.12: Wooden Things

As I mentioned, I went to Decmeber Nights the first week of this month. It was a blast!!

My favorite part was unexpected – the Spanish Village Art Center. They open 11am-4pm everyday, but I had never seen it since I’m usually there at night. I found what is now one of my favorite gift ideas in San Diego.

~*On the 5th Day of Christmas, Tiffany gave to me: 
5 wooden things!

Okay, how CUTE are these mini, wooden animal puzzles?! They are handcrafted by Art in Wood right in San Diego, sold at Balboa Park. They also have other items, like quotes, ornaments, and scriptures. The best part? Each of these little animals were less than $2!

I love this wolf! Any Shakira fan would probably enjoy this and deem it a she-wolf (ewooo!). 

And my turtle seems to approve of his new wooden friend!

You can also have them painted in-store, or add painting supplies to your gift. Fun!

2012 paradelogo rev11.8
Remember, they’re located at the Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park San Diego from 11am-4pm everyday! I love this idea because the art shop is far, far away from the shopping crowds/terrible mall parking, and it will be a pleasant little outing, too!

Speaking of December Nights, I found out about another free holiday event you can attend — The Big Bay Balloon Parade! It’s on Thursday, December 27th at 10:00am. Click the image for the parade map! You can pay extra to get bleacher seating, but I’m sure standing room will be just fine.

Remember to visit the Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park for unique, inexpensive, and handcrafted gifts! You can also learn more at and calling them at 619-236-9575. For your GPS, address is 1770 Village Pl. San Diego, CA 92101.

With love & Christmas cheer,
Tiffany R.
Dining at Tiffany’s

PS: I got to Day 8:

8 Drinks for Sipping!
7 snacks for hiking
6 games for playing
5 wooden things
4 cards with words
3 simple words
2 penguin gloves
& a cutie from a citrus tree!


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