Day 3: Three Simple Words

On the third day of Christmas, Tiffany would like to share..

.. three simple words:

“Love one another.” – John 13:34b

I had plans for the third day of gift ideas (it was actually kind of lame anyway: “three fresh pens.”), but in light of the events today in Newtown, Connecticut, I am moved to write about the most important gift we can share: Love.

I wrote this on Facebook today:
“While we have terms like ‘widow’ and ‘orphan,’ there is no word in the English dictionary for a parent that has lost a child. This is a tragedy too deeply heartbreaking to define.”

It really is unfathomable. My best friend from elementary (who incidentally had her going away party tonight) shared that she does not even want to try to understand the logic of what happened. I agree.

But in these confusing times, in being a little more scared of the world we live in, the only thing we can do after mourning is move forward. We should channel our faith and hope into the things that we can control.

Everyday, we can choose to love one another.

I think it’s unfortunate that it often takes tragedies for us to start considering to choose to live toward positive change — of ourselves and of society; or even for us to simply appreciate what we have: family, safety, life.

I often ask my colleagues and friends this question:
“what motivates you to serve others?”

And the consistent reply has been that they are motivated by their knowledge of hardship — which they’ve come by through personal experience or a striking awareness. Maybe they grew up in a low-income household. Maybe they watched a powerful documentary or volunteered in a community in need.

But perhaps incidents like today can be avoided by encouraging each other to take steps each day to truly love one another. Let’s hope we can work to act in love without first having to come face to face with days like this.


PS: At her farewell festivities, my best friend requested that we light candles and have a moment of silence for the fallen. True love.


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