Day 2 – $20.12: Two Penguin Gloves!

Welcome to Day 2 of my series: 12 Days of Gift Ideas under $20.12! 

I am a big believer in utility — in being prepared and using items for their intended purpose and more. 

For example, this is my car’s glove compartment.

In it, I keep: gloves. That’s why it’s called a “glove compartment,” right? This brings me right into my gift idea for Day 2. Feel free to sing along!

~* On the second day of Christmas, Tiffany gave to me…

…Two Penguin Gloves

Gloves are wonderful gifts of utility. I always keep a pair of gloves in my car, and even a pair to share! They keep your hands warm on cold mornings, and even help defrost your hands once you get in the car.

These adorable penguin gloves were given to me many years ago by one of my best friends from church. They’re so useful! I love mittens that double as finger-less gloves so that you can have full use of your fingers as needed (like texting, tying shoelaces, using a smartphone, and taking all these photos, hehe). Click here for similar gloves!

If these gloves are a little too wacky for your gift recipient (in fact, back in high school this guy took one look at my gloves and said, “What is WITH those gloves?!”), there are plenty of other options.
– workout gloves
– gardening gloves
– snow mittens/gloves 
– dish washing gloves..?
You get the idea.. 

I hope you find this handy ;). More tomorrow for Day 3!

With love & Christmas cheer,

Tiffany R

Dining at Tiffany’s 

PS: I got to Day 8:

8 Drinks for Sipping!
7 snacks for hiking
6 games for playing
5 wooden things
4 cards with words
3 simple words
2 penguin gloves
& a cutie from a citrus tree!


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