Farewell Appendix, Farewell Hostess. Hello, Thanksgiving!

So I had these grand plans for November at Tiffany’s. It involved moustaches, drummers, entrepreneurs, men, and more!

But as you may have heard, my appendix decided that it was time to go.

What I thought was a terrible stomachache landed me the hospital, visiting the different wards in this order:

1. Urgent Care
2. CT Scan Room
3. Outpatient Unit
4. Surgery Room

As you can see by my laywoman hospital terms, I ended my pre-medical career early in college, (after organic chemistry to be exact). But anyway, I was very shocked (and kind of annoyed) that I had to have surgery! (Oh!! “Operating Room”.. Now I remember what it’s called..).

After I bid my appendix adieu, I spent an entire week on sick leave at my parents house while enjoying tons of homemade Filipino food and personal half-gallons of ice cream (impeccable timing with the end of October #Unprocessed!). Thankfully, my surgery was routine and recovery has been going smoothly. I’m back to work!

Speaking of back to work, I have a small announcement:

You know how I provide guidance for career goals, like resume and cover letter writing (see most popular posts!)? Well, I decided that “Hostess with the Mostest” isn’t a very telling title, so I’ve re-labeled such posts with..

“Catering Your Success!”

Look forward to more success-catering posts in the future, like tips for interviews, transitioning into a new professional setting, and more!

I also thought the timing just made sense with the whole Hostess-going-bankrupt thing.

Zombieland, anyone?
Poor Tallahassee of Zombieland. No more Twinkies for him. :/

You know what I think about the Hostess bankruptcy?

Who cares?! 😉

In other news, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! With my health condition, I haven’t put much thought into writing a festive post. I am, however, here to answer any last-minute Thanksgiving feast questions! Ask on my Facebook page!

Here is a sample Thanksgiving consultation for my dear older sister who lives in Hawaii:

So.. I’m getting a little nervous about hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner although it’ll probably just be me our good ol’ neighbor and her hubby, haha.. What do you think of this menu so far..
-Turkey + Gravy
-Pot Roast..maybe
-Mashed Potatoes
-Some veggie dish..? Maybe green bean casserole?
-Sweet potato or yam dish
-Cranberry dish
-Dessert: A pumpkin and an apple dish..

Suggestions? I’m trying to think of our traditional Thanksgiving dinner that I miss so much!!

[Dining at Tiffany’s]
I would recommend going to www.foodgawker.com for veggie side dish ideas. I even have the app on my phone. I find most of my recipes there. It should be choc full of ideas soon!

I like the menu. Isn’t that a lot for just two couples? Also, are you doing this all by yourself? That might be a little crazy, haha.

Haha, maybe.. There may possibly be another family of four coming if they don’t end up hosting for a group of single Marines. And I may or may not ask our good ol’ neighbor to help, but now that I think about it, she won’t really have anything kitchen wise since they’ll already be all packed up ready to move to San Diego on the 28th. Yipe! Maybe it WILL be crazy after all! I just need to plan this accordingly and cook ahead of time where I can..

[Dining at Tiffany’s]
I would recommend against three proteins and a bunch of sides. You don’t want leftovers that last through Christmas!

Haha. True.. I guess this is just an ambitious menu then. Maybe no pot roast then? Turkey and ham? Or no ham?

[Dining at Tiffany’s]
Casually ask your guests if they like ham or roast beef better. Like not in a planning conversation, but just a jovial, lighthearted banter about Thanksgiving!

Casually.. haha. I’m just gonna ask my neighbor, “Hey! You want ham or not?”  haha. 

As you can see, I love answering questions about Thanksgiving! Send them over if you have any! At the very least, I hope you’re a little more enthusiastic about Thanksgiving than my sister’s dog Sasha:

Sasha says, “Thanksgiving, Smanksgiving.”

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving full of food and family and friends and festivities!

Whether you are a first time or long time reader, I am so grateful that you came! Though I got rid of my “hostess” title (and appendix if that matters), my goal is to always provide food and fun conversation to my readers like you — I hope that you enjoy Dining at Tiffany’s!

More to come soon.

Now it’s time to brine my turkey…

With love,
Dining at Tiffany’s


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