The Ballot at Tiffany’s — Politics at the Dinner Table

Hello there! You’re a little late to the dinner table tonight, but that’s okay! I was just telling my guests how to register to vote online! The deadline was yesterday (10/22), so hopefully you registered before you got here. If not, you are welcome to smile and pretend that you did. 🙂

Oh, hi again! Yes, another post so soon. Why? Because this is time-sensitive, with an impending deadline of October 22nd at midnight. I’m still getting over some of my procrastination issues, but I’m hoping I can use them for good this time:

Did you know? In California (and several other states) you can now register to vote online! But, the absolute deadline is MIDNIGHT, OCTOBER 22nd. (Not after Monday, but BEFORE Monday) So, do it today! If you haven’t already, register to vote now!

“But, Tiffany, how does THAT work? Are YOU registered to vote?”

This is how it works: 
– Once you fill out the online form, the system will search the DMV database for your California driver license or ID card number, date of birth, and last four digits of your social security number. 
– If your information is found, you have the option to authorize elections officials’ use of your DMV signature
– once you hit SUBMIT at the end of the online application,  an electronic image of your DMV signature will be added to your voter registration application! 

And yes I am registered to vote, thankyouverymuch. I even voted in the primaries! 🙂 

“But, Tiffany, I don’t live in California!!!”
Sad times. Many of my other posts are globally-friendly, though! 🙂 Comment below with your location and I’ll email you something fun to make up for this post!

So, Californians, here’s is what you need to do, immediately:
[STEP 1]
Cut a hole in the box. Just kidding.

Actually, check the database to see if you are registered to vote:

All you need to input is your house number (just the number, not even your street!), your date of birth, and your zip code!

This is what it looks like if you’re registered to vote (well, without my pink censoring):

Skip to STEP 3 if you are already registered vote.

[STEP 2]
Register to Vote!!

To make it easier, be ready with your California driver license/ID card number, the last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth.

If you do not have a CA driver license/ID card, you can still register online by 10/22 at 12am, as long as you print out the form, sign it, and mail it to your county office immediately.

Disclaimer: If you are enrolled in a confidential address program, like Safe at Home, DON’T register online. There ways to register confidentially if providing your address could put you in life-threatening danger.  

Here is the link to Register to vote: 

You will find the following button on the bottom of the page!

[STEP 3] Take a moment to appreciate being a citizen of a country built on freedom and democracy. Of course, America is not perfect, but at least we know we have a voice, and can make an impact if we take action!

You did it!

Now that you’re registered to vote, you can leave now if you’d like.

I’ve always heard that it’s impolite to discuss politics at the dinner table, so really, you can stop reading now.

Stop it!!!


Okay if you r e a l l y  wanted to know how I am going to fill out one of the bubbles on my ballot, stay and read on. This bubble will actually make an impact on the food that makes it onto the average American’s dinner table:

If you’ve been following along this month, you know that I’ve participating in October #Unprocessed. The basic reason that I eat natural, whole foods is for the wonderful health/environmental benefits, but it’s also to avoid some pretty scary things that happen to processed foods:

This November 6th, I will be voting YES on Proposition 37, supporting the Right to Know what’s in our food. Why? Because I love to cook for my family and friends, and I want to be sure I don’t feed them anything harmful along the way.

Basically, Proposition 37 will require that food in stores be labelled honestly and clearly if they contain genetically engineered foods. For me, this means being able to serve food from my kitchen and into people’s tummies that is free from harmful chemicals that big food companies do not want us to know about.

In striving to eat mainly natural, whole foods, I’ve spent a lot of time scrutinizing the ingredient labels as I shop for food. Though I’m pretty well versed in food and nutrition, it can still be challenging for me to really know what’s in the foods I’m eating. What is soy lechitin and what is it doing in my chocolate? What type of plant oils are natural and which are chemically engineered? I believe that we as consumers have the Right to Know, no matter how little or how extensively we have studied food.

In case I lost you there, here’s a quick video that sums up this new report about genetically engineered foods:

If you haven’t heard the name Monsanto before this video, or have never thought twice about picking up that bag of hot cheetos at the gas station, I’d like to give you a little insight about the American food system.

While there is a seemingly vast variety of food brands out there, most of them are controlled by Big Food companies that have lots of financial lobbying power. Not to mention, they’re all buddy-buddy with the Mr. Genetically Engineered Food Man a.k.a. Monsanto.

Interestingly enough, “Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft and Kellogg’s .. are donating tens of millions of dollars against ‘Yes on 37,’ [and] already label GMO foods in 50 countries around the world, including all of Europe, Australia, Japan, Russia and even China.

It’s hard to believe that Pepsi, Kraft and Nestle could label GMO foods in China, but somehow want to deny consumers in California that same right! For some reason, the same corporations that espouse the ideals of free market capitalism believe that  Americans shouldn’t have honest and transparent labels on their food. – [source]

I could talk your ear off about this, but I’d never want to spoil your appetite while you’re Dining at Tiffany’s! Also, I’m no political/scientific expert — I’m just your average consumer that believes we have the Right To Know what’s in our food.

Here are more useful links to read so you can decide for yourself if you believe that we have the Right to Know:
California Right to Know – Get all the facts!
Just Label It – Ways to take action
New York Times  by Michael Pollan – a MUST-read to learn about the maginitude of Prop 37

Last but not least, here are some ways you can spread the word:
– share this post with others!
If you’re on Tumblr, REBLOG THIS POST (click here) to encourage others to vote too!

I’m love to discuss this Proposition with you further. Please email me with any questions & remember to VOTE on November 6th! 🙂

With love,

Tiffany R.

Dining at Tiffany’s
Twitter: @diningattiffs
Instagram: @diningattiffs 
Tumblr: @diningattiffs

PS: Yes on 30, No on 32. 🙂


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