Phood and Filanthropy!

As an advocate of good food and philanthropy, I love this!

For the month of August, several food trucks and distinguished restaurants are donating a dollar to the Food 4 Kids Backpack program if you order one of their ‘Food 4 Kids’ dishes!

Notable selections are:
– Any lunch pizza from Cucina Urbana
Cap’n Crunch Crab Cakes from the Two For the Road food truck
Chocolate Pot Du Creme from Whisk n’ladle

Personally, I will participate by getting a 6-pack from Corner Cupcakes! Their food truck once had a stop outside of my apartment. The past tense of that last sentence makes me sad and I’ve been craving their delicious (and practically life-changing) cupcakes ever since they drove away. It was like having my very own college version of an ice cream truck come to the neighborhood every week!  Sprinkles (also participating with their Cinnamon Sugar flavor) moving in nearby was merely a band-aid solution for my loss, but I’ve seriously been thinking about Corner Cupcakes for months. So, I will finally venture out to find their truck in San Diego — for the children (Greek reference, anyone?)!

Speaking of the children, here is an excerpt from the SD Food Bank website:

“Of the 3.1 million residents in San Diego County over 483,000 people live at or near the federal poverty level and face the threat of hunger. 273,000 are children. Hunger or “food insecurity” means households face times when they do not know if they will have enough food, or do not know how they will get their next meal.”

Whenever we think of hunger and poverty, there is a tendency to conjure images of poor, developing countries in Africa, Latin America, or Asia. But the reality is that there are people in our local communities that suffer from hunger everyday, sometimes having to choose between paying for bills over food for their families. Some children in districts around San Diego come to school on Monday having eaten little to nothing since their school-subsidized lunch on Friday.

The Food 4 Kids Backpack program works with schools around the district to provide children suffering from hunger issues with a bag of food to discretely tuck into their backpacks for the weekend, with enough to last until they return to school.

In a country of supposed abundance, I think it’s such an injustice for anyone to go hungry, so I fully support this cause!

So, help yourself to some delicious food in San Diego to help feed hungry children in your community.
For more info and a list of participating food vendors, visit:
Let me know if you participate!

With love,
Tidbits at Tiffany’s


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